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Questions to Ask When Thinking of Hiring a Skip for Residential Use

by Clarence Robinson

Many commercial properties rent skip bins for long term use, but homeowners may also get such a bin for a short-term project, such as tearing off an old roof or pulling down some interior walls or even cleaning out the attic or basement. If you've not gotten a skip bin for such use before, you may not realise everything that's involved in their rental and what to expect when they arrive. Note a few questions to ask the skip hire company so you know how to use the bin properly and safely and don't face additional fees or anything else unexpected with the bin's use.

What happens when you're not done with the skip by the pickup day?

Don't assume you can keep the bin indefinitely, as skip hire companies may have a limited number of bins and will take reservations for them well ahead of time. You may face very steep costs for keeping the bin any additional days, so much so that it may not be worth that extra time. On the other hand, a skip hire company may be very flexible, especially during certain times of the year when rentals are slow or if you choose a bin that's not in demand by other customers. Whatever the case, ask about this if you're not sure that your job will be done as expected.

What is the weight limit of the skip?

You may know to fill the bin only to a certain level, but if you're going to be tossing away anything heavy, ask about weight limits. Roofing tiles, concrete chunks, brick, paver stones, and other such materials may put the bin over its weight limit even if you don't fill it entirely. This can mean that the skip hire company's truck is not able to pick it up, and you may be required to remove some items or face additional fees.

Can you have the bin picked up early?

If you finish your remodelling work early or any other job that needed the bin, you may get a reduction in price from the skip hire company for that earlier pickup. However, this isn't always the case. If you do get a reduction in your bill, this can be motivation to get through your job as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if it doesn't affect the cost, you don't want to rush your renovation or cleanup project, expecting a reduction in price that you won't actually get.