Reducing Garbage Waste and Saving Money on Garbage Removal

  • Questions to Ask When Thinking of Hiring a Skip for Residential Use

    29 December 2018

    Many commercial properties rent skip bins for long term use, but homeowners may also get such a bin for a short-term project, such as tearing off an old roof or pulling down some interior walls or even cleaning out the attic or basement. If you've not gotten a skip bin for such use before, you may not realise everything that's involved in their rental and what to expect when they arrive.

  • Safe Disposal of Sharp Waste items in a Skip Bin

    12 June 2018

    Sharp objects occurring from broken glass, bottles and other similar items can cause harmful injuries if poorly handled. This is particularly risky when using a skip bin, because sharp waste placed directly in the skip can cause cuts and bruises to workers and other people who handle the waste.  Sharp waste can take on many different forms, so it is important to properly classify these items and how they should be safely handled during disposal.