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Options You May not Know about with Skip Bin Hire

by Clarence Robinson

There are several times in your life when you may need to use a skip bin hire. You may be remodeling your home, clearing a home, or clearing land. When you call to hire the skip bin service, it may surprise you to know there are other options outside of just a simple skip bin. Here are a few of those options and what you need to know about each one.

Haul Off and Replacement Options

Depending on how long you will be using the skip bin, you may want to take advantage of a haul off and replacement option. What this means is that you can opt to have the company come in and remove the current skip bin, replace it with a clean skip bin, and continue to do this on a continuous basis throughout the term of your contract. This means you don't have to worry about having it emptied or having a mess from having the skip bin emptied on site. The haul off and replacement option is called different things by different companies, so make sure you ask about the specific option of having the filled bin removed and replaced with a clean one on a routine basis.

Commercial Discounts

If you are running a business, small contractor, or construction firm, then you may want to check into commercial discounts. Though many skip bin hires do offer their services to both residential customers and commercial customers, discounts are not always advertised. In some cases, commercial discounts may be offered to construction firms or small construction and real estate businesses for long-term hire contracts. If you are using the skip bin hire for longer than a month or so, consider asking about the discounts that could relate to your business.

Removal Crews

If you need the skip bin hire for removal of items from a home or building, you may be able to hire a removal crew to help with the cleanup process. Though this is mostly an option for companies that offer not only skip bin hire but removalists options as well, it still could be beneficial for you if you are trying to handle a large cleanup on your own. Removal crews can be hired out with the bin hire for one day, several hours, or longer periods of time depending on your needs.

These are just three of the options you may find with skip bin hires. If you are doing cleanup or projects on your own, all three of these could be very beneficial for you. This is especially true for up and coming small real estate business or construction business. Make sure to ask what options the skip bin hire you are using offers for your specific situation.