Reducing Garbage Waste and Saving Money on Garbage Removal

Tips to Help You Maximize Your Skip Hire Space

by Clarence Robinson

Whether you're renovating your house or you have piles of junk you're trying to get rid of, hiring a skip is a great way to save both time and money. The best thing about skip hire lies in its simplicity, practicality and affordability: all you have to do it order online, gather junk to fill it up and them use a supplier to get rid of it.

Even then, hiring a skip may become expensive if you don't use up your space properly and hence need to hire a second one. Properly organizing your junk in the skip can help you to save money by getting rid of as much of your rubbish in a single haul.

Select the correct size

As mentioned, take some time to think about what size of skip you need depending on the amount of junk you have to get rid of. Most skip hire companies have their skips in multiple sizes, with prices according to the amount of space in each skip. Collect your junk beforehand to get a proper estimate of the right size of skip, which will help you make huge savings.

Elevate the skip

This applies if the bin is going to be placed on pavers or concrete. Prior to loading, ensure the skip is placed on a plank of wood or piece of old carpeting. This is important since at the time of picking, the bin may easily scratch or scrape your pavers/concrete, leaving unsightly marks in its wake.

Sort your junk

Before loading the skip, sort out your junk according to type and size, which will guide you when packing and help you maximize valuable space. For instance, don't use your skip hire to remove trash that can get hauled by your regular garbage disposal service-providers. Use green bins to remove plant, grass and tree cuttings and yellow bins to remove paper, bottles and other commonplace, recyclable items.

No air pockets

You can minimize or eliminate air pockets by packing your skip methodically according to the different sizes as sorted above. Begin with bulky items and then fill around them with the smaller items. Also, make use of hollow items like tubs and plastic buckets to carry a few more items you intend to throw out.

Remove unauthorized items

There are restricted items that cannot be disposed of using a skip, such as food items, asbestos, tyres, some electronic appliances, fluorescent tubes and other hazardous or toxic wastes. You have to find other ways to remove these items e.g. specialist providers that can remove trash that has health and safety risks like asbestos or medical waste.

Where to place your skip

The most ideal spot for your skip is your own property. In this way, you don't have to look for council approval or think about traffic when packing the skip hire. In addition, your neighbors won't have a chance to sneak their junk into your skip, allowing you to make the most of your space.