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Keep Strange Dogs Out of Your Rubbish Bins With These 5 Tips

by Clarence Robinson

If your neighbours' dogs or stray dogs are digging through your rubbish bin, that can mean garbage spilled all over your yard. If you are tired of having to clean up after other people's dogs, there are ways to deter dogs from your bins. Simply, check out these five tips:

1. Spritz cayenne pepper in your bin and bags

Before closing up a rubbish bag and transporting it to your outside bin, spray a mixture of cayenne pepper and water into the top of the bag. This solution works effectively to deter most dogs, and you can also spray a bit into the bin every week after the rubbish is picked up.

2. Booby trap your bin

If the scent of cayenne pepper isn't effective or if you personally don't want that spice in your bin, consider creating a booby trap. For example, you could put a toy on a compressed spring into your bin. When the dog gets the lid open, the toy will pop out at him, hopefully scaring him away.

3. Hire a bin with a latch

A latch can keep out a dog without any sprays or traps on your part. Call the bin hire company to see if they have latched bins. Ask specifically for bins that are designed to deter racoons.

If the bin hire company doesn't have latched bins, attach a bit of velcro to your bin's rim and lid so that it is harder to open, or secure it closed with bungee cords.

You may also ask the hire company if they mind if you install your own latch. Some companies will let you do slight modifications to the bin if you buy it outright rather than hire it.

4. Catch the dog

Unless you live in an area with a large stray dog population, it may be just one or two dogs getting into your bin. Put out your bin and monitor it until you catch the pup in action.

If he is a stray, you can catch him and turn him into the council. If the dog is a neighbour's dog, you can report them to the council, and they may get a ticket for not keeping their dog under control.   

5. Hide the bin

If all else fails, hide your bin. Keep it in your garage or a shed, and only bring it out an hour or so before you expect the rubbish collectors to come.

For more tips, you can contact resources like Cheaper Bin Hire.