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Why you can't dispose liquid waste using skip bins and how to get rid of it

by Clarence Robinson

Skip bin hire or purchase is an excellent way of getting rid of clutter or other rubbish.  But you may have liquids you want to dispose of, and you are wondering if you can put liquid waste in the skip bin?  The simple answer to this is no.

Some liquid waste is toxic and is not allowed in the skip bin with other waste.  You can even be indicted or have the disallowed items returned to you if you put them in a skip bin.

Do not add Water Weight to your Skip

Some liquids like water are not toxic and so are not disallowed in your skip.  However, these may only add water weight to your skip, which may result in you paying more for extra bulky rubbish.  Water may find its way into your skip bin when you put in wet debris.

Wet leaves and things like destroyed carpets and other household items after flood damage can add a lot of water weight to your rubbish.   Such rubbish should not be put in the skip when it is wet.  It should be allowed to dry in the sun first.

As well, if your skip is placed outside, it can get filled with rain.  Release the rainwater by uncapping the drain found at the bottom of the skip.  If you have bought the skip, you can drill small holes on the base to allow drainage.  A skip placed outside can also be covered to prevent rainwater from getting in.

Unsealed Oil and Unused Paint Disposal

You cannot put oil or paint in your skip bin.  Paints that are solvent based are very expensive to dispose of, and this is why most skip bin specialists do not accept them.  You can give away your unused paint to friends and relatives.  You can also search online for sites, such as Freegle or Freecycle where you can give away the remaining paint.  Another way of getting rid of unused paint is soaking it in absorbents like soil, sawdust or cat litter and letting it dry.  It can then be put in with other household waste.

Getting rid of unwanted cooking oil can be fun.  Stale bread can be soaked in the oil and fed to birds.  You can also visit household waste and recycling sites to know what to do with all unwanted oils.

If you have unwanted liquids that you want to dispose of, you can check out additional tips online.  You should never merely pour the unwanted liquids into your skip as some may be hazardous, such petrol and other chemicals.